PS-90A-42 turbojet aero-engine

PS-90A2 is one of the PS-90A modifications.

It is a twin-spool, bypass turbofan with fan and core airflows mixing and high level of commonality.

It has been designed for A-42 search-and-rescue amphibian aircraft.











The specific design features are as follows:

  •  the engine is not equipped with a thrust reverse;
  •  the pylon is in lower position and, therefore, the routing of pipes and wiring as well as interfaces of some systems with an aircraft have been modified;
  •  engine control programs have been updated for higher primary parameters;
  •  corrosion resistance is higher.


Thrust, kg:
-take-off: TH< +30 îC , PH > 730 mm Hg, H=0
-cruise: H=11 km, MÌ=0.8

14 500
3 300
Specific fuel consumption (with real nozzle), kg / h.p. hour ÷0.595
Flight altitude, mup to 13 000
Length of the engine, mm4 964
Fan tip diameter, mm 1 900
Dry weight, kg2 950 
  Weight as delivered, kg3 950

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