The PS-12 engine is a by-pass two-shaft turbofan engine, in which the bypass and core duct flows are not mixed, and which has a thrust reverser and effective noise absorbing system.



It is designed for the new MS-21 medium and short-haul aircraft.

The PS-12 is developed on the basis of the new highly effective few-staged gas generator with the parameters of the 5+ generation.




Primary Parameters*

Take-off thrust (═ = 0; ╠ = 0), kgf


Maximum take-off thrust (═ = 0; ╠ = 0), kgf


Corrected fan air flow, kg/s (cruise mode)


By-pass ratio at cruise mode


Pressure rise ratio in compressor at climb


Cruise thrust (═ = 11 ŕý; ╠ = 0.8; ╠Đ└), kgf


Specific fuel consumption at cruise, kg/kgf hr


Fan diameter, mm


Engine dry weight, kg


*all parameters are given without losses at air inlet and without air bleeds and power off-takes for the aircraft's systems.


  • In-flight shutdown not less than 200 000 hr
    (at the beginning of the operation not less than 50 000 hr);
  • Shop visit rate not less than 12 500 hr;
  • Reliability of the aircraft departure connected with the engine readiness not less than 99.95%
    (admissible time of the delay in the aircraft departure not more than 15 minutes).

Meets the requirements of the ETOPS-180 standards.


Life time of the major parts at the stage of the matured operation

  • Engine «cold section» not less than 40 000 flight cycles*;
  • Engine «hot section» not less than 20 000 flight cycles
    *) 40 000 flight cycles are equal to 100 000 hours.


  • Emission parameters are at the level of the best world analogues and future-oriented. Harmful substances emission level is  20...30 %  less than the ICAO 2008 standards.
  • Meeting the aircraft noise requirements of the ICAO Chapter 4 with 15 ┼PN dB margin


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