MCS-2,5P «Ural» Mobile compressor station

Mobile Compressor Station (MCS) is intended for recovery of natural gas remaining in removed from service gas pipeline section by pumping it in a parallel gas pipeline or outside the disengaging stop valve when conducting scheduled or emergency repair work on main gas pipelines.

It has been designed on the basis of the 2.5 MW gas turbine, GTU-2,5P, and modular container-type power set GTES "Ural-4000". Technical project of mobile compressor station (MCS), MCS-2500 "Ural" has been completed.

Developer - OJSC "Aviadvigatel"


The time for gas pumping (pumping-out) from a released gas pipeline section having 1400 mm diameter and 30 km length at 7.5 MPa (76.5 kg / cm2) makes 62 to 68 hours of continuous operation.

Minimum pressure at MCS inlet is 1.1 ... 1.3 MPA (11.2...13.2 kg / cm2).

Maximum pressure at MCS outlet is 7.5 MPa (76.5 kg / cm2).

Capacity of MCS is:

  • at the pipeline discharge inlet: 0.31 million Ģ3/hour under normal conditions (760 mm Hg, +20 °Ń);
  • at the pipeline discharge outlet: 0.19 million Ģ3/hour under normal conditions (760 mm Hg, +20 °Ń).

Set of the MCS-2,5P "Ural" equipment

Semitrailer with a turbocompressor:

  • Preparation unit for starting and fuel gas;
  • Oil lubrication systems;
  • Set of gauges of turbocompressor 's Automatic Control System (ACS);
  • System of gas detection and fire-extinguishing;
  • ACS Unit of MCS;
  • Unit of power automatics;
  • GTU-2,5PG;
  • Ariel (USA) JGE-6 compressor.

Semi-trailer with a gas air cooling unit.

Autotruck such as KRAZ, KAMAZ, URAL, with control panel and power unit placed in the autotruck trailer (two 100 kW and 60 kW diesel-generators).

Automobile with shelter such as "KUNG" for transportation and rest of the personnel. In a transport condition, it is connected with the MAZ-93971 trailer containing the mounting -compensatory pipelines and other mounting and process equipment.


When conducting scheduled or emergency repair maintenance on main gas pipelines the release of gas into atmosphere is performed. MCS-2,5P "Ural" allows to recover natural gas remaining in a disengaged gas pipeline section.

The mobile compressor station using a direct method of gas pumping-out from a disengaged gas pipeline section has several advantages compared to stations using a compressor with an ejector:

  • Deeper pumping-out of gas from the gas pipeline;
  • Less pumping-out time and fuel gas flow rate;
  • Lower costs of connection to gas pipelines of assembly pipelines.

It can be used for arrangement of operative gas supply (at emergency situations, etc.) for remote regions.

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