• The effective use of fuel for electric power and heat generation.
  • Heat and electric power net price is twice as low as the existing tariffs.
  • High reliability of power and heat supply to consumers due to use of modern efficient and environmentally friendly equipment.
  • Service management up to the world standards.

Head of Power Generating Gas Turbines and Power Generating Sets Department ,
Aviadvigatel OJSC

The commissioning stage of gas turbine-driven cogeneration heat and power plant based on GTES-16PA GT genset developed by Aviadvigatel OJSC is coming to the end at Perm TEC-13 cogeneration heat and power plant of  the KES-Holding Generatsiya Urala division.
New power facility putting into operation is planning for IV quarter of 2009.

TEC-13 cogeneration heat and power plant was put into operation 50 years ago and was designed to supply electric power to Kamkabel OJSC industrial enterprise and houses near it. In course of time the quantity of the plant service facilities have considerably increased. At present failure-free operation of the cogeneration heat and power plant ensures electric power supply to the largest producer of cabling and wiring products in Russia as well as heat centralized supply to the nearest housing development Gaiva.

Modern technique of the plant has required updating. Taking into consideration the current situation the management of the KES-Holding Generatsiya Urala has decided to retrofit this cogeneration heat and power plant by implementing modern cogeneration technology using gas turbine-driven cogeneration heat and power plant based on GTES-16PA high performance GT genset. The use of power equipment meeting the most modern requirements allows to increase the plant power nearly twice and to expand the possibillity of the guaranteed power and heat supply at the ever-increasing consumer needs.


GTES-16PA gas turbine generating set is designed for electric power and heat generation both for housing and utilities sphere and industrial consumers. The power generating set design incorporates the most advanced techniques and rich experience gained during industrial gas turbines development and operation.

GTES-16PA gas turbine gen-erating set design includes GTE-16PA gas turbine with PS-90EU-16A engine jointly developed with Pratt&Whitney - an old partner of the Perm Design Bureau and a well-known engine building company. It is based on the gas generator of PS-90A2 modern aviation engine.

 Electrical power, MW 16.3
 Power efficiency at generator terminals, %  35.5
 Gas temperature at power turbine outlet, ºC  481
 Gas flow at power turbine outlet, kg/s  56.3
 Potential heat power  (at exhaust recovery up to 110 ºC), Gcal/h  19.48
 Ambient air temperature range, ºC -60...+45
The main difference of PS-90EU-16A design comparing with industrial engines developed by our design bureau earlier is a four-stage power turbine with the rated rotation speed of 3 000 rpm. The application of such design enables to exclude expensive reducing gear thus reducing the customer operating costs and enhancing the gas turbine reliability as a whole.
The turbine output shaft is a drive of the synchronous generating unit T-16-2-RUHLZ. Bipolar generating unit with brushless excitation system with air cooling and generating unit heating system produced by Privod OJSC (Lysva) is designed to generate alternating current with frequency of 50 Hertz and with voltage of 6300 V.

Heat energy generation will be carried out by exhaust recovery in heat-recovery boiler which provides consumers with hot water used in industrial and household systems. Fuel use factor is 84.7%. Booster compressor allows to provide required fuel gas operating pressure equal to 28...32 kgf/cm2.
Producers and suppliers of heat-recovery boiler and booster compressor are determined by the customer - KES-Holding Generatsiya Urala. Energomashstroy holding company (Belgorod) is chosen as the Supplier of water recovery boiler and Kazankompressormash OJSC (Kazan) - as a booster compressor Supplier.

It is necessary to note that GTES-16PA is made in a traditional block-modular type. It means that the generating set equipment and systems are placed according to their functions in separate modules of container type. This method helps to decrease time and costs of transportation, assembly, mounting and putting into operation.

In order to reduce investment costs for the construction GTES-16PA is designed especially for outdoor accommodation. The power generating set modules are installed in an open space on a prepared basement.

Investment prospects of gas turbine-driven cogeneration heat and power plant based on GTES-16PA power generating set is explained by obvious advantages of new power equipment developed by Aviadvigatel OJSC. It is not mere chance that among the first customers was our old reliable partner Bashkirenergo OJSC.

At present the Perm company manufactures a similar gas turbine generating set which will be installed as part of gas turbine-driven cogeneration heat and power plant in Sibai - the industrial and main traffic center of Bashkortostan Trans-Urals.