D-30 turbofan

The D-30 is the most efficient and perfect aircraft engine of its generation. Its reliability rate exceeds a required level by several times.

Two-shaft, low-bypass turbofan, with two-spool compressor and mixed flow.

6800 kgf thrust (Take-Off).

It is installed in short-haul airplanes for passenger transportation:

D-30 I series - Tu-134;
D-30 II series - Tu-134À;
D-30 III series - Tu-134À-3, Tu-134B-3.

D-30Commercial running for passenger transportation:
D-30 I Series - Since September, 1967;
D-30 II Series - Since 1970;
D-30 III Series - Since 1982




Series I

Series II

Series III

Thrust, kg :
-take-off: TH< +30°C , PH > 730 mm Hg, H=0
-cruise: Í=11 km, Ì=0,8



Specific fuel consumption (with reall nozzle), kg / kgf hour 0,7700,7750,790
Air temperature at sea level (for start and operation), ° Ñ-50...+50-50...+50-50...+50
Length of the engine, mm398447344836
Fan tip diameter, mm105010501050
Dry weight, kg155017651810
Delivery weight, kg171219441980

Oil flow and fuel consumption
Fuel consumption is 2500 kg for 1 flight hour.
Oil flow is not more than 1.0 kg for 1 flight hour.

Design features:
I series - without a thrust reverser;
II series - with a thrust reverser;
III series - 5-th stage of low pressure compressor was added (payload increase by 3 to 4 T; performance improvement), with a reverser