Gas turbines for gas pipelines

Gas and oil production, processing and transportation are the key strategic missions facing the Russian economy.

Taking into account the multi-year cooperation with GAZPROM, Aviadvigatel has made and is making a defined contribution to the development of the oil and gas industry of the country.

Aviadvigatel's gas pumping packages are widely used all over the country and abroad.

Geography of Gas Pumping Packages Supplies

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Based on GTU-10P, GTU-12P, GTU-16P and GTU-25P gas turbines, gas pumping packages and hardware have been developed to retrofit gas pumping units currently in service and construct new gas pumping packages ranging from 10 MW to 25 MW for linear operating compressor stations, gas boost compressor stations and stations for underground gas storage.

A modified model of 4MW GTU-4P gas turbine used in gas turbine gensets, labeled as GTU-4PG gas turbine, has been developed for driving gas pumping packages. The first gas pumping package (GPA-4PHG) is currently in service at "Kasimovskaya" underground gas storage of Gazprom transgaz Moscow LLC.

"Ural" GPA-6DKS gas pumping package based on two 6MW GTU-6P gas turbines is operated at Myldzhinsk gas-compressor field of "Tomskgazprom" OJSC.

The test base has been built at "Permskaya" Compressor Station of Gazprom transgaz Chaikovsky LLC under GAZPROM auspices. The test base allows testing development and production gas turbines ranging from 2.5 to 16 MW and updating the gas turbines already developed. Also, test bench facilities have been built at Proton-PM premises to test production gas turbines ranging from 4MW to 25 MW before being delivered to a Customer.

The developed packages are currently operated at the following sites in Russia:

  • Gazprom transgaz Ufa LLC (Bashtransgaz)
  • Beltransgas LLC
  • Gazprom transgaz Volgograd LLC (Volgogradtransgaz)
  • Gazprom transgaz Kuban LLC (Kubangazprom)
  • Gazprom transgaz Stavropol LLC (Kavkaztransgaz)
  • Gazprom transgaz St. Petersburg LLC (Lentransgaz)
  • Gazprom transgaz Moscow LLC (Mostransgaz)
  • Gazprom transgaz Nadym LLC (Nadymgazprom)
  • Gazprom transgaz Noyabrsk LLC (Noyabrskgazdobycha)
  • Gazprom transgaz Orenburg LLC (Orenburggazprom)
  • Gazprom transgaz Chaikovsky LLC (Permtransgaz)
  • Gazprom transgaz Samara LLC (Samaratransgaz)
  •  Gazprom transgaz Ukhta LLC (Severgazprom)
  • "Surgutneftegaz" OJSC
  • Gazprom transgaz Surgut LLC (Surgutgazprom)
  • "Tarkosaleneftegaz" OJSC
  •  "Tomskgazprom" OJSC
  • Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk LLC (Tumentransgaz)
  • Gazprom transgaz Ekaterinburg LLC (Uraltransgaz)
  • Gazprom dobycha Urengoy LLC (Urengoygazprom)
  • "NOVATEK - Tarkosaleneftegaz" OJSC
  • "Yuganskneftegaz" OJSC
  • Gazprom transga Saratov LLC (Yugtransgaz)
  • Gazprom transgaz Yamburg LLC (Yamburggazdobycha)
    and others.

Late in November 2006 the Perm engine companies won the tenders for the delivery of gas turbine equipment for power generation and crude oil pumping for Sakhalin-2 Project. Within the scope of the tender for two gas turbine pumping sets supply for crude oil delivery, Aviadvigatel presented "Ural-6000" modular gas turbine pumping set rated at 6 MW. The gas turbine pumping set is equipped with crude oil pumps produced by RuhrPumpen of Germany.

It is also worth noting the successful operation of GTU-12P gas turbines at "Stavropolskaya" Compressor Station (Stavropol Region) and "Krasnodarskaya" Compressor Station (Krasnodar Region) integrated into the Russia-Turkey gas pipeline (Blue Stream), which is the ambitious and unmatched gas transportation project. Aviadvigatel-developed GTU-12P gas turbines will be used to serve the onshore pipelines routed throughout the Russia. The project provides additional capabilities to the productive pipeline of gas transportation from Russia to Turkey passing through Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania and Bulgaria.

In January 2007 two of three GTU-16P gas turbines were also shipped for operation at "Sivas" Compressor Station in Turkey. GTU-16P will be used as mechanical drives to boost the pressure of natural gas in "Imranli-Kayseri" gas-main pipeline that delivers natural gas from Iran to the Western Europe countries.

Turkey is the first far abroad customer of GTU-16P. Perm gas turbines of such a range have been operating only in Russia and CIS countries until now. Six of such gas turbines have been successfully transporting gas at "Krupskaya" Compressor Station of
"Yamal-Europe" pipeline in Belarus for more than two years.

Today Perm turbines are in service at the facilities that are of paramount important for Russia, such as "Yamal-Europe", "Blue Stream" export gas pipelines and some others.

With a wide line of gas turbines ranging from 2.5 to 25 MW, that no other Russian companies have, Aviadvigatel, nevertheless, continues developing new machines.

We can cooperate with various package developers and manufacturers (as requested by a Customer) in the construction of new projects. As of today we have accumulated the vast experience in the supplies of new gas turbine equipment in collaboration with "NPO "Iskra", the Perm's company, which is engaged in gas pumping packages designing and production.

Our gas turbines for gas transportation feature:

  • high efficiency;
  • low oil consumption;
  • high durability;
  • reliable starting system;
  • low maintenance and repair cost within the entire life cycle;
  • full automatic control of process flows,
  • easy operation and maintenance;
  • ready-to-operate configuration, which makes putting into service more fast and less expensive;
  • good environmental parameters.

Aviadvigatel-developed equipment is used to retrofit obsolescent and aged gas pumping packages.

As of the beginning of 2009 the total number of gas turbines produced for mechanical drive applications reached 287 units, which, as of January 2009, accumulated more than 3.5 million hours.

The high quality and reliability of Perm gas pumping packages are highly and positively appraised by Operators.